Pennsylvania Cremation Services

The Affordable Alternative to Expensive Funeral Homes
With the cost of traditional funeral homes and burial expenses out of reach for many families, the option for cremation provides a less expensive alternative. Auer Cremation Services of Pennsylvania, Inc. serves the entire state of Pennsylvania including York, Lancaster, Reading, King of Prussia, West Chester, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, PA. We provide direct cremation services and a variety of additional options that each family may select.

Professional Staff
Our staff is professional, courteous and understanding. We are committed to treating your loved one with the utmost dignity and respect throughout the entire cremation process. We are always available to answer any questions you may have. We also do our best to address all of your concerns in a caring and respectful manner.

Basic Cremation Services
Our direct basic cremation service without a ceremony includes removal of deceased, transportation to the crematory and refrigeration (no mileage charges or daily refrigeration fees). This service also includes the standard activities of a funeral director and staff. Plus, if the bereaved live in Pennsylvania, we come to the home of the next of kin, after death, to do any paperwork, so they do not have to travel to us.

Cremation Service Extended Options
In addition to our basic cremation service, we make available several options that many families desire regarding the remains of their loved one. A few of these include forwarding the remains to any continental U.S. location, private family viewing, witnessing of the cremation and scattering of cremated remains.

Discounted Price Packages
We offer several packages that help reduce the price of your cremation service.  Each package has additional options attached to our Direct Basic Cremation Service. We provide these packages to suit the individual needs and desires of each family.

We offer options for prepaying your cremation.  Prepaying locks in your cremation at today's prices.

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